Thursday, September 8, 2011

Creating Bibs

So, I thought I'd post the creative process of making my bibs.  I began by laying out potential fabrics with the washcloths.
Auditioning fabrics

The first cut was the hardest, but once I began, I wanted to continue...
Cut off the bottom edge
A friend suggested making pockets at the bottom edge of the bibs
Stack waiting for pockets to be sewn

Once I stitched two washcloths together, I made final decisions for fabric.

Testing the fabric across the seam

Fabric strip ready for sewing

After sewing the fabric strip

Ready to have the neck hole cut

Stitching the neck 
I purchased bias binding for the necks from In Grandma's Attic at 
The only thing left is to add the Velcro!
 Unfortunately, my sewing machine quit on me at this crucial point!!!!  I need to take it to be serviced... More to come!


  1. I like it! Isn't it just like the sewing machine to quit when you're on a roll? Loving the way you laid out the pictures in sequence...

  2. Thanks for showing us the process!!

  3. Thanks Lizzi and Badgley! I plan to post these bibs on Etsy, once I get my machine working so that I can finish them!!

  4. Oo, that is so cool. I made some once for my daughter with a hole in middle that had ribbing sewn on. Was that ever a test of my sewing skills! I still have those bibs because i cross stitched some cute characters and sewed them on so I can't bear the thought of throwing out my cross stitching. She's ten now Haha!

  5. Thanks bananaorangeapple!! I like creating for my grand daughters, and they like it, too. I think maybe it's time to make another set of "Nanna-pajamas" for them!

  6. I just received a phone call from the shop where I took my sewing machine. The transformer is what went on the machine. With labor and taxes, the cost to replace it with a rebuilt one it's going to take over $200.00 to fix. Yipes! If it weren't for the fact that it's an embroidery machine, I wouldn't spend so much, but I will this time. I am also keeping my eye out for a reasonably priced heavy duty machine for the every day sewing, and reserve the Husquevarna for the machine embroidery...